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Most people have heard of or even used some version of Photoshop. But there’s a world of difference between an average user and a professional.

Walker Digital Design provides professional photo and image services, that range from basic cleanup to fully customized, imagination-enhanced, image manipulation.

Browse through our list of services below to find the perfect match to suit your current personal or business project.

…And no matter what your budget is, we’ll work with you to provide the exact photo or image service you or your business needs.


Add Text

Place text anywhere on your image. Great for gifts, custom invitations and announcements.

Basic Cleanup

Dust spots, minor stains and soil are removed and the image is optimized.

Background Change

Fix a problem with, or modify the background to improve the image’s impact. Replace the background with a solid color, gradient, or any environmental backdrop such as mountains or a sunset.

Color Change

Change the color of anything in your photo, or change the entire photo to black & white or sepia tone.

Cosmetic Correction

Everything from clothes to hair and skin can be fixed including: bad teeth or braces; eye problems; wrinkle, stain, stray hair and blemish removal; missing buttons, holes and almost any other problem.

Image Manipulation

Your photos are the starting point and the only limit is your imagination. Distort faces, swap heads, morph images or create any other wild idea you may have. Perfect for a unique or funny gift idea.

Object Removals

Remove people, phone lines, trees, cars or almost anything else from a photo.

Photo Composite

People or things from multiple photos can be placed together in a single photo. Create family portraits from multiple images and/or different generations.

Photo Organizing

Your collection can be digitized, organized, and stored on CD to last forever, or even turned into a digital photo-album.

Photo Restoration

High quality black & white or color restorations. Repair cracks, tears, heavy soil, stains and even images extremely damaged across faces or very detailed areas.


Need a service or something done that isn’t listed?
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Please note: With any of the services listed above, your original photo is not altered or harmed in any way. It is digitally scanned and given back to you.

WDD observes copyright law and assumes that any image submitted for work is owned by the client.