Space Wars

Continuing from yesterday’s security post, another lesser-known advantage of iPhone over Android is in the amount of out-of-the-box space available to you. Among several popular smartphones, including the iPhone 5 line and Samsung’s Galaxy S4, the iPhone ranks #1 in this category, while Samsung’s flagship comes in last. Of course the advantage with the Galaxy S4 is that you can expand the storage, which is a nice feature. However, it is worth noting that you cannot install apps on that extra storage card, and for most smartphone users, apps are a key feature.

The reason for this space difference is because Apple doesn’t allow “shovelware” to be pre-installed on their phones (which is of course very easy for them since they control the software). Android, being open source, has no restrictions. Samsung loves going all-out with their own custom software that eats up almost half of your storage from the get-go. Not only that, but you also cannot uninstall these unwanted apps. Apple also does not allow you to uninstall their homemade apps, like Notes. However the difference here is that Apple’s apps collectively take up a very small amount of space, whereas the Galaxy’s take up almost half.

Regardless, in both cases, it seems a little unfair that users are unable to delete these apps if they have no use for them. Why not let us uninstall them, but then make them available on the app stores in case we ever change our mind?


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