Rumor Has It…

According to virtually any site that writes about Apple (including the WSJ and Bloomberg), Apple will be holding their annual fall event on Tuesday, Sept. 9.

And unless all the rumors are completely off the mark, Tim Cook and Co. should be announcing the iPhone 6 with a 4.7″ screen, A8 processor, and possibly better battery life. If history does indeed repeat itself, then the phone should be released the following Friday, Sept. 19.

There’s also a chance Apple will be announcing a second, 5.5″ “iPhablet” phone, but some sources believe this model may be released at a later date.

In addition, new iPads, a new Apple TV, and the iWatch/iTime could also be announced, although Apple may choose to spread these announcements out, even to 2015, to ensure the iPhone 6 stays in the spotlight for now (it does account for half of the company’s revenue, after all). However, SVP Eddy Cue has boldly proclaimed that this year’s product pipeline is the “best I’ve seen in my 25 years at Apple”.

Let the countdown begin.


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2 comments on “Rumor Has It…
  1. Alan says:

    Good update & summary. Saves me the trouble of sifting through all the news. Keep us updated as shoukd be exciting next few months for all us Apple fans.

  2. Adam Walker says:

    Dear Mr. Greg Walker,
    What a tremendous blog post! I found it insightful and concise.


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